Please read the following seller's policy and procedure options

Local Sales (NYC/NJ Metro Tri-state Area):

Since we are a local New York based business, a seller has an option to bring all products to our office location and get paid via cash, check or PayPal same day.

Other Sales:

If a seller is located outside of the New York/New Jersey area, the products must be shipped to us. Once the products are received and inspected, we then generate a payment.


A seller has an option to choose from:

a. Check

b. PayPal - must have a verified PayPal account. (fees may apply)

c. Chase QuickPay - must have an email associated with bank institution.

d. MoneyGram (fees may apply)


Useful links:

PayPal –

Chase QuickPay -

MoneyGram –



All purchased formula must be at least seven to eight months out in expiry period. Prizedbaby does not purchase stolen or sample products. Prizedbaby also does not purchase formula that has been obtained though WIC, EBT or any other federally or state assistance programs. By filling out the contact form you agree to comply with all Prizedbaby's stated policy and procedures. Should you have any questions, please feel free to inquire.

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