Similac Expert Care NeoSure 13.1oz

Similac Expert Care NeoSure 13.1oz
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Your premature baby might have arrived early, but she's here now and it's an exciting time. You've got a new little one to love. t home or in the hospital, your voice, your touch, and your care mean the world to her. When you bring her home, she might continue to sleep a lot and tire easily. Don't worry. It's normal. Her body's working hard on catch-up growth. To learn more about your preemie's unique nutrition and development needs. ore research has been published on Similac Expert Care NeoSure than any other nutrient-enriched, preterm, post-discharge formula.1-4 Similac Expert Care NeoSure supports gains in weight, length and head circumference when compared to term infant formulas.

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