Gerber Good Start Soy PLUS 12.9oz

Gerber Good Start Soy PLUS 12.9oz
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Gerber Good Start Soy PLUS is the extra step we take to break down proteins for baby. Only we take the extra step to breakdown the Soy Proteins into smalller pieces to be easy to digest. We call them Gentle Soy Proteins. Designed with No Milk and No Lactose to help avoid spit-up, fussiness and gas due to lactose- or milk-intolerance. We start with our SOY PLUS formula and tailor the vitamins and minerals to support the needs of growing older babies and toddlers. Starter formulas are adequate for the 1st year of life, but GOOD START 2 formulas provides extra nutrition insurance. Why you will love SOY PLUS 2 NUTRITPROTECT-a blend of antioxidant vitamins C & E, zinc and vitamin A for natural immune system support. 100% Gentle Soy Proteins to support optimal growth A nutritious alternative to cow's milk with 30% of the Daily Value for iron, vitamin C and vitamin E per 8 fl oz-important nutrients that a growing toddler needs. Gerber recommends Breastmilk as the best start for babies.

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